More than warehousing

Operations conducted on the warehouse surface are an important part of contract logistics, but its foundation is the complete supply chain management, starting from the taking goods in until their delivery to the end customer.

Contract logistics encompasses planning of supply chain, warehousing, transportation and distribution of goods, completing orders, payment reception and supply management.

Contract logistics – a solution for you?

Among our Clients are the most demanding businessmen from Wrocław and the Lower Silesia. They joined the growing number of entreprenours who decided to entrust external logistics operators with the complete management of their goods. In a result, they reduced their costs, optimised their operations, improved both cash and goods flow, in a word – gave their companies the edge and raised their value.

How does it work?

Inbound logistics

On your behalf we run all operations that are necessary to bring goods from the original source to the final destination: we monitor orders, deliver customs clearance when applicable, organize and manage transport.


We offer a class A, 10 000m2 storage space. The warehouse is adjusted to hold 10 000 pallets in racks and includes dedicated space for block stacking of goods with various base dimensions. We offer space not only for storing standard goods, but also for hazardous materials (ADR) and food (HCAAP). We monitor goods according to FIFO/FEFO methods, we control them and report inventory. To ensure the flawless information we manage the warehouse using the WMS, which is safely integrated with the information systems of our Clients.

Our warehouse is conveniently located close to motorway A4 and A8/S8 at Prologis Park Wrocław III. This location allows us to bypass the urban limitatiations regarding the lorry transportation and guarantee an easy access to desired destinations.

Outbound logistics

On your behave we run all operations necessary to complete the delivery from the warehouse to the final customer. We complete orders and prepare them for shipment – whether by sea, air or road. At your request we prepare all necessary documents and realize custom clearance in our bonded place. We organize transportation and distribution, and monitor delivery of goods until they  reach their final destination. In order to complete the service we keep and archive relevant documents (signed delivery notes, shipment notices, delivery confirmation notes).

Catalyst for growth

The basis of contract logistics service that we offer is our deep understanding of your company’s special requirements and its operational mechanics. It allows us to develop and implement a tailor-made plan for supply chain management, react swiftly when faced with challanges and offer ingenious solutions. Simply put: we are a catalyst for your company’s growth.

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