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Businessmen operating globally face the problem of choosing the right mode of transportation. Should you choose the partial load transport over the FCL transport? Send your goods by sea or air? Or maybe the multimodal transport is the answer to your needs?

There is a lot of options available. Our specialists will help you to find the best one among them. Taking into consideration characteristics of your goods as well as the nature of your industry and applying their extensive knowledge of the sea and air transportation they provide you with an optimal solution.

FCL (full container load), LCL (less than container load) loads, standard cargo, oversize loads, dangerous goods – our specialists pick what suits your load – its volume, weight and quantity. They match necessary safety measures and consider other important factors such as your company’s cash flow. The result? A transport solution created to fit your needs.

Global network

As a member of the Lognet Global Network we have access to a wide network of carriers, airlines and ship owners. As a result we can offer you a broad range of available routes to choose from and, consequently, a quick and safe delivery to your customer across any corner of the world.

Efficient customs clearance

We offer you advice regarding customs clearance procedures and provide the full customs clearance services. Moreover, we have a bonded place dedicated to simplified procedure – it helps you to safe time and money, and makes your deliveries much more efficient.

Transparent pricing

We are upfront about our pricing so you will never be surprised with any hidden costs.

Our prices are all inclusive – they contain pick-up costs, freight costs, handling and documents preparation fees. You will never find hidden costs or extra services on the invoice.


In order to ensure the safety of your goods it is fundamental to choose the right type of container. As well as standard transport services we offer specialist transport in reefers, open-top and open-side containers.

At your request we offer CARGO insurance.

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