In the beginning…

What we had was 8 employees, 3 phones, 1000sqm of warehouse space and courage to face new challanges. Our assets included experience, knowledge and inclination for hard work. And it did pay off: 4 years later we have a warehouse of 10 000 sqm at our disposal, we hire several dozens of employees and cooperate with a wide network of distributors, agents and an international organization of freight forwarder professionals.

Our Clients

Our contract logistics, domestic and international transportation services are used by the most demanding clients from the Lower Silesia and clients around the world.

The companies that we cater to run operations globally. They represent various industries: automotive, construction, food and chemical industries, agriculture. Different companies, the same objective: growth. This is why they seek to work with a responsible and responsive business partner.

Our Clients use not only warehousing or transportation services, but also, having recognised our expertise in the field of logistics, they entrust us with the complete supply chain management.

Why do they choose us?

Because we understand individual needs and provide our clients with bespoke logistics and transportation services.

Because we are happy to share our knowledge and expertise; we advise on safe and optimal shipments of your standard cargo as well as hazardous and oversize loads.

Because – just like you – we value efficiency, that’s why we offer a quick custom clearance in our bonded place.

Because we are aware that smooth flow of goods is crucial for your business, thus we organize intermodal transport and just-in-time deliveries.

Because our determination in finding a solution that is a perfect fit for you is not a marketing gimmick but the core principal of our operational practices.

Because we care and our clients can see that.